Purple Jewelry Reigns Supreme

This year, purple in every shade – from lavender to plum to violet to magenta – is crowding the runways and giving us some much needed bursts of color in outfits and jewelry. Even President Obama claims that purple is his favorite hue.

Traditionally, the color purple was associated with royalty and nobility. Today, it is favored among designers in the fashion community, and worn by celebrities and A-listers like Victoria Beckham and Charlize Theron. Purple jewelry can easily transform your look for Spring and create a stunning statement. Here are some suggestions for working this trend in to your look:
Amethyst – These gorgeous gems make great eye-catching jewelry when set in sterling silver. The lightness of the metal makes a great contrast to the deepness of this shade. Take a cue from Brooke Shields and Christina Applegate and wear bold pieces like cocktail rings and drop earrings to accent baby blue or bright pink apparel. Just a splash of this exotic color is sure to make for a memorable look.
Tanzanite – This breathtaking gemstone is most commonly lavender in color. Try a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings or a couple tennis bracelets to accent an all black ensemble. The light and dark pairing is elegant, yet still contemporary.
purple beads
Beads – The fun thing about purple beads is that they are an inexpensive way to dress up current favorites. Chunky plastic or glass beaded necklaces are especially hot right now, and can easily take you from day to night. Throw in a matching pair of earrings for an affordable and stylish jewelry set. Also, feel free to mix purple beaded bracelets with other bangles or beads. Complimentary colors like red and turquoise are amazing together and give off a youthful vibe.

Whatever you're wearing this spring, make sure that purple is a part of it.

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Designer Studio said...


The latest fashion trend in apparels today is the skinny jeans that give you a lean look. However, if you are unable to get into those, you would also be happy to put on those wide legged pants or trousers that are also hot with the fashionistas. When worn with a short narrow top and a slim fit jacket along with high heel shoes, this combination would look cool and give you that much longed for lean look.

Try it out this season!

naomi jane said...

yes tanzanite is a definite hit for the season...its my favorite stone...love it hue..