Bracelets Galore!

Is it just us or has anyone else noticed that celebs are covering up from wrist to elbow with the latest and greatest bracelets, bangles and cuffs? It's bracelet overload with stars and stylistas alike sporting this trend to the fullest of their fashionable ability. We love the one-off combinations, creative adornments and unique statements that are being made in the name of fashionable accessorizing. Jasmine's Snake Print Link BraceletIt used to be that excess was frowned upon, as women chose one or two accessories to compliment their outfits. Nowadays, that's all changing as everyone from lunching ladies to working moms to Hollywood socialites are getting in on bracelet overload. It's quite common to see five, ten, even twenty or more bracelets adoring the arms this season. What we love is that this trend is so wearable. Updating your wardrobe has never been so affordable, as women are digging deep into their jewelry box to find fabulous bracelets they forget they had, and pairing those with new pieces that are hot on the must-have list. Retailers and e-tailers are selling bracelets and bangles in sets, so the baubles can be worn together or mixed and matched for maximum versatility.

Best of all, the bracelet looks we've seen are as unique as the women wearing them. After all, everyone has their favorite "go-to" bracelet that they won't leave the house without. Add that to bracelets of religious or special importance, then mix in a few of the most fashion-forward pieces and you've created a personal masterpiece. You can't go wrong with these bracelets that will have you looking and feeling great. Wear them as you savor these last few days of summer, and make the transition into fall with confidence and style, knowing that these pieces are timeless and ready to meet the season ahead.