How to Mix Sweet and Edgy Fashion and Accessories

One of the biggest trends of the season is to wear fall's most feminine pieces and compliment them with accessories like bracelets that are bold, striking and a little bit rock and roll. It's this balance between sweet girl and edgy woman that has fashionistas lining up to try out this look. Here are a few tips from our experts on how to pull off the look effortlessly and with class.

If you've got a ruffled dress or blouse – Funk it up with bracelets that have a bit of an edge. For example, pony hair bangles or studded bracelets are just the key to creating balance. If the fabric of your outfit is silk, rayon or satin, look for bracelets in contrasting designs that offset the femininity of these pieces. Gold Tone Stretch Bangle BraceletIf you've got a closet full of bright colors – Try added some punk to your wardrobe with black and white enamel bracelets. Throw in a little zebra print for something fun and exciting.

If you're used to wearing classics – Branch outside of your comfort zone with pieces that push the envelope. For example, instead of a plain pearl bracelet in ivory stones, try a multi-strand bracelet of black pearls mixed with rhinestones. These chic bracelets are a modern take on a fashion staple.

If you've always gone for "less is more" – Re-think your accessories this season. Start with your bracelets. Don't be afraid to pile on an armful of bangles of varying colors and widths. Mix and match with charm bracelets, corded bracelets and just about any other accessories you have in your jewelry box.

The overall lesson here is to have fun with your look and try something outside of your comfort zone. Begin by playing dress up with pieces from your closet and gradually work your way up to bold and in charge pieces that will have you looking fierce for fall!

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