How to Get Celeb Inspired Engagement Rings

If you're planning for your upcoming nuptials and you love the look of celebrity engagement rings, then you'll be glad to know that you CAN get their style without breaking the bank. It's just a matter of knowing where to look and what to look for. Check out our top tips for shopping for a celeb styled engagement ring.

1) Define what you like and dislike. If you fall in love with an engagement ring – what draws you to it? Is it the cut, the clarity, the color, the setting or the size of the rock that your favorite starlet is wearing? If it's the latter that interests you, then consider CZ jewelry that has the same look and feel of a more expensive stone, without the hefty price tag. You'll never be able to tell the difference.

2) Decide on the cut. This is one of the most important things in selecting your engagement ring. Deciding whether you like princess, emerald, brilliant or bezel set is a big decision that will dictate the rest of the setting. If you're not sure, then try out a few CZ rings so you can get used to the shapes on your finger. This should help you in your decision.

3) Look online for the best value possible. During these tough times, many couples have opted for CZ rings in place of pricier options, saving thousands of dollars. This money in turn is being used for down payments on houses instead of jewelry. Choosing CZ rings now also leaves you the option to convert the ring to the real thing once your financial situation has improved. After all, engagement rings are a symbol of your love, not how much money you make.

So the next time you're ogling a beautiful sparkling ring on the hand of your favorite actress, consider how that style would look on you. With affordable and stylish options, there are many Cubic Zirconia rings that take their cues from what's going on with Hollywood's elite. Now you can get in on the trend and still have money left over for that perfect dress.

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