How to Update Your Jewelry for Fall

So now that you've been window shopping and seen all that's in store for fall's fashion hit list, it's time to start making a list of the pieces that you want to purchase. With many women still looking to save money while keeping up on the latest trends, it's a struggle to find items that have staying power and are not just considered the "it" item of the moment. Here are our top picks for affordable ways to update your wardrobe for the up and coming season.

Bracelets– Whether you choose simple chain link bracelets, multi strand metal link bracelets or a great handbag with a chain link strap, a small amount of this trend will help to add just the right amount of edgy appeal to more tailored pieces. It doesn't have to be completely rock and roll either; there are options that balance the look, such bracelets that are fit to be tied on a beautiful ribbon.

Necklaces – These are a great investment for fall, as they extend the life of your existing wardrobe. Choose from short statement necklaces or longer multi-strand necklaces depending on your taste and style and add them to classic separates like solid color t-shirts. You can find some great options that are completely affordable and stylishly on cue.

Texture – From feathered necklaces to wool coats and velvet blazers, for fall it's all about pieces that feel as good as they look. Choose one or two new favorites that you absolutely love and mix them with your current wardrobe. These pieces don't have to cost a lot; more so, they should make you feel good when you wear them.

So don't feel like you have to spend a lot on the latest and greatest designer duds to make an impact this season. Instead, select a few choice pieces that will go the distance for months to come.

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