Frugal and Fabulous Jewelry for fall

Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to spend a lot to do so. In fact, some of the biggest trend setters in Hollywood – like Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker – like to mix and match high end and low end pieces to create unique looks that are coveted by many. They’ll take a designer skirt and pair it with a thrift store tee. Now, you can take a cue from these savvy shoppers as you try out the latest gemstones for fall – in the form of CZ jewelry, sterling silver jewelry and jewelry sets.
Fashion StyleCZ jewelry is a great way for any fashionista on a budget to get in on what’s hot. Cubic Zirconia jewelry so closely rivals the real thing, that it’s hard to tell the difference anymore between what’s real and what’s fake. If you’ve seen a celeb jewelry style that you adore, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be able to find a replica of it in the form of cubic zirconia jewelry. It’s leading lady fashion for just a fraction of the cost.

Sterling silver jewelry works well for any season, but it’s especially popular this year. Go for bold pieces like wide cuff bracelets and chunky chains that work well with heavier fabrics. Sterling silver jewelry is affordable to own, makes a great gift and will work for many seasons to come. Many women have sterling silver jewelry that is engraved. Functional and fashionable, sterling silver jewelry is a must-have accessory staple.

Jewelry sets are a fabulous find this fall. From casual cool to dress up chic, jewelry sets help you to create a pulled together look that is perfectly polished. Most often, you’ll find that jewelry sets some with bracelets and pair of earrings, which is great because you always have the option to wear one or the other. Plus, you can mix and match with other pieces in your jewelry box for even more possibilities.

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