Different types of Cocktail Rings

Sure, you've probably seen a ring or two that you love on the finger of a celeb. And you've probably lusted after a huge rock in the window of a jewelry store. While most of us can’t afford to run right out and drop a pretty penny on these styles, it doesn't mean that we can't still get the same look with cubic zirconia rings that pack all the punch as the real thing – but come with a discounted price tag.

Cubic zirconia statement rings – This style is increasingly popular this year. It includes CZ rings with oversize center stones, as well as CZ rings with a design that uses many stones to create a "wow!" factor.
Angelina Jolie CZ rings and earrings
Animal inspired CZ rings – If you want to add a little fun fierce fashion to your wardrobe, animal inspired cubic zirconia rings are the way to go. Choose from bejeweled insects to ocean animals to jungle creatures. Or, go for a design that uses tiger, zebra or cheetah stripes in the form of a CZ ring. These are great for adding interest to any outfit – from jeans and a t-shirt to an all black ensemble.

Rock and roll inspired CZ rings – This year, dark stones, spiked rings and studded designs are favored both on and off stage. If you want to try this trend, cubic zirconia rings are a great option, as they let you infuse just the right amount of edge into your outfit.

Cut out rings – If you want to try something a little different, opt for classic shapes, but choose from cutout cubic zirconia rings with hearts, stars, or horseshoes. These pieces are fun for younger women but also work for middle aged fashionistas who are young at heart.

Whatever your taste or preference, you can be sure that you can find what you're looking for in the form of cubic zirconia rings. These pieces are fashion-friendly and budget conscious.

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