How to Clean Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

Just as it's important to properly clean and launder your clothing, it's essential to clean CZ jewelry to keep it looking its best. Cubic zirconia is a man made stone that rivals the clarity and resilience of diamonds. Priced affordably and available in the latest jewelry trends, cubic zirconia makes a great statement and an ideal gift. Once you've made your purchase, you should pay careful attention to the storage and cleaning of your jewelry so you can get the most mileage out of your buy.
CZ jewelryYou can easily clean cubic zirconia jewelry with a special jewelry cloth. Or, use a soft dry cloth made of cotton or flannel, just as you would to clean your eyeglasses or sunglasses. Use straight back and forth movements, instead of circular motions, which could scratch or damage your jewelry. The good thing about cubic zirconia is that it is very hard and dense, meaning that it’s difficult to damage.

Once you've removed the surface dirt, use mild soap and warm water to remove harder residue. Use a cotton swab or a cosmetic applicator sponge to get in hard to reach places. You can also buy CZ jewelry cleaner at the time of purchase.

Some women choose to steam clean their cubic zirconia jewelry. However, it's important to use care and caution when using this method. Be sure to wear protective gloves or use tongs to avoid burns. After steaming your jewelry, wipe clean with a soft dry cloth.

Store CZ jewelry in an airtight plastic baggie, a lined jewelry box or a soft jewelry pouch. The main thing here is keeping your jewelry out of the outside air, which carries dust and dirt. If you take good care of your jewelry, it should last you for many seasons and many years to come, making it a smart purchase.

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