Best Jewelry for 2009

As People magazine is ready to hit the shelves with their own "Best and Worst Dressed" of the year, so are we ready to make our selections on the hits and misses of fashion jewelry. With a myriad of trends fighting for the spotlight, not every one of them is bound to be a winner. But there are some great pieces – from sterling silver jewelry to budget friendly CZ jewelry that are making us swoon. That said, here's what's hot so far for 2009.

Kevin Jonas Engagement Jewelry1) jewelry sets – These all in one accessory packs are great for the fashionista on a budget. Jewelry sets are great for making an outfit look pulled together and pretty. Choose from bejeweled pieces like CZ jewelry sets to daytime friendly sets with big bold beads and lots of personality. Mix and match jewelry sets with pieces that you already have in your jewelry box for maximum versatility and wear.

2) Sterling silver jewelry – Many women have turned from pricy gold pieces to sterling silver jewelry as an affordable alternative. Sterling silver jewelry looks great with just about anything in your closet, and it will last you for years to come. Sterling silver jewelry is considered a fashion classic for women of any age and with so many new styles to choose from, you're sure to find something to suit your taste.

3) CZ jewelry – It may be a sign of the economic times or just a growing trend among smart and savvy shoppers, but CZ jewelry is growing in popularity. Whether it's a great cocktail ring, a statement necklace or a fabulous cuff bracelet, you can find CZ jewelry that looks just as great as the real thing.

4) Layering – In the past, the trend has been for 'less is more', but this year, women are having more fun with their looks. Chalk it up to escapism through fashion, but the masses love the layering of jewelry. From long necklaces to bangles, you can't go wrong when you pile it on.

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