Hot Holiday Jewelry Trends

Wondering what jewelry will help you look your best this season while still keeping your piggybank full? This year, it’s all about fun, fashionable and affordable jewelry that doesn’t take itself too seriously. A departure from the simple classic pieces we saw last year, 2009 is all about the sparkle and shine.

Oversize pieces – Whether it’s a statement necklace, a bold bracelet or a fierce pair of earrings, the trend is leaning towards large and in charge pieces. If you want to try this style, opt for CZ jewelry that is costume-y.

Color – The holidays are all about putting on the glitz and colored Cubic Zirconia is a great way to do this. By adding bright jewelry to classic turtlenecks, sweaters and dresses, you will create a focal point for your outfit. But this isn’t just limited to classic red and green. Try unexpected colors like midnight blue, royal purple or magenta for added interest.

Metallics – Yellow gold and silver tone not only look great with Cubic Zirconia, but they can also be worn on their own. These pieces are great for the holidays but work well for any season. It’s because of this, you can feel a little less guilty on splurging on a little something nice for yourself this year.

Unexpected jewelry – This year, it’s more about taking a fashion risk than ever before. Whether it’s layering pearl bracelets with Cubic Zirconia rhinestones or mixing and matching casual with dressy jewelry, nothing is off limits. This makes it easier to create a unique and personalized look. Start by taking an inventory of what’s in your jewelry box. Lay out the pieces that you already own and then incorporate new finds one at a time.

Whether you’re buying guilt free Cubic Zirconia for yourself, or a lavish present for a friend or loved one, have fun with your jewelry choices this year and ring in the holidays in style.

Article source: Fashion jewelry blog

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