How to Wear Jewelry from Office to Party

With the holiday season in full effect, there’s a whirlwind of events to attend. From after-work cocktail parties to family functions to friendly get-togethers, there seems to be something to do every weekend in December, and during the weeknights too. If you’ve got a packed schedule, here are some tips for getting ready on the go and taking your look from 9 to 5 to late night.

Add a touch of pizzazz – Jewelry is a great way to change up your look in a jiffy. You can always sport fun Cubic Zirconia rings to work, then add a sparkly clutch and a great pair of heels for after hours. Cubic Zirconia rings are great versatile pieces that can easily be stashed in your purse for a quick change up. CZ rings are fun to wear and don’t cost a lot to own.

Pump up the color – Royal hues and bright spots of colors are great for taking a neutral or monotone outfit up a notch. Small pieces of sparkly jewelry in the form of CZ rings, earrings or broaches are great for the office and can easily transition to after work cocktails or a dinner party.

Go for metallics – Whether it’s hammered bronze, yellow gold or oxidized silver, precious gem and CZ jewelry can help you shine. Metallics are great for the office, can be worn with many pieces in your closet and will be around for many seasons to come.

Sparkly jewelry like Cubic Zirconia rings, necklaces and bracelets not only can transform your look, but they also make great gifts for friends, loved ones and colleagues. As fashion continues to push the boundaries, it’s more acceptable than ever to wear sparkly jewelry during the day, as well as at night. So don’t feel guilty about making a purchase that will have you looking absolutely fabulous this season!

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