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gold cz earringsCubic Zirconia is a man-made gemstone that resembles the look of genuine diamond. CZ jewelry is made of these gemstones. Cubic Zirconia stones are composed of chemical element zirconium dioxide which is an inorganic form of zirconium. It is originally a colorless transition metal. This inorganic form is a crystalline cube which is heated and synthesized to create durable diamond like material. It is known for its flawlessness. It is thermally processed at 5000 degree Fahrenheit with yttrium oxide which is a compound used to treat inorganic zirconium.

Since 1892 with the discovery of the yellowish monoclinic natural mineral of Zirconium Oxide, scientists have begun their journey to find ways to create synthetic diamonds. A mineral known as baddeleyite caught attention from gemologists worldwide due to its potential of becoming a diamond simulant. Sodium Titanate (introduced in 1955), Yittrium Aluminium Garnet (YAG) and GGG (Gadolinium Gallium Garnet) all served as predecessors for simulants. However, the problem with them was that they were not so promising in capturing diamond's brilliances.

Originally CZ stone is colorless. It has to be processed with various coloring agents and ingredients to get the crystals in different shades. However, white or colorless cubic zirconia is favored by most people, thus it became very popular soon.

CZ jewelries are perfect travel jewelries because they are not as expensive and precious as diamond jewelries. People don't have to worry about losing them. When it comes to real diamonds people rarely think of carrying them around. Cubic Zirconia jewelry is perfect for diamond lovers who wish to have their jewelry collection packed alongside their luggage. In this context, these crystals are perfect as the most economical jewelry collection which is both durable and beautiful.

CZ jewelries are much in demand and an increasing number of diamond manufactures and jewelry merchants are now including this magnificent form of diamond replica within their product range. CZ stones are imported in several countries and are crafted into develop a wide range of fashion and trendy collection of jewelry. They are available in both modern and classical designs to suit the needs of different occasions. Most women prefer CZ jewels as they are easily replaceable and available in all kinds of designs and patterns. Various traditional ornaments are now made using CZ jewels because of its high demand in countries like India. They are even custom made as per the customer's requirement. A low budget allows them to have a bigger collection suitable for traveling purposes depending on the traveler's destination and its cultural environment. Thus CZ jewelry forms the most beautiful accessory that can go with your traveling kit.

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