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CZ clip on earrings
In the world's economy today, not everyone can afford the sky rocketing cost of precious metals especially when they are combined with precious stones like diamonds. For those whose budget is relatively low, there is a truly beautiful and affordable diamond jewelry alternative called Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia is a man-made stone that looks almost exactly like real diamond. CZ jewelry comes in many different styles and arrangements, and you can find them in gold, silver, or even platinum.

Due to its rarity, genuine diamonds are very expensive. In the recent years, diamond mining has become a rather serious issue because some political extremists use profit from diamond business to fund terrorists' activities. We hear about "blood diamonds" or "conflict diamonds" on the news, and these stories should make us think more about our diamonds' purchases.

As the perfect alternative for diamond, the best quality Cubic Zirconia stone is cut and polished by hand. Machine-cut CZ stones are also available, but they won't look as good as the hand crafted one. When you buy a CZ jewel made of gold or platinum, those jewelries normally come with very good quality CZ stone. It's a good thing to keep in mind.

Cubic Zirconia jewelry can serve as great presents as well. For birthdays, Valentine's days, and Christmas etc. CZ jewelries will surely make someone happy! Just be selective when you make your choices since there are so many designs available.

There are many physical and online stores that sell CZ jewelries, and emitations.com is a quite popular one. They have special products and discount throughout the year. For big holidays like Valentine's Day and Christmas, they have even larger sale! Their range of products vary as well.

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