Choose whichever you like CZ jewelry or Diamond Jewelry

Both of them are precious metals and have a class of their own, you can choose what ever you like. However there are certain points to remember when you are opting to make a choice. First of all you should know that the Cubic Zircona jewelry is almost a substitute for diamond. However if you look with great inspection then you will find that the CZ jewelry has less brilliance and more flashes of colors. They even differ in their hardness factor, for CZ it ranges from 8.5 to 9 mohs. And the diamond ranks 10 mohs and is considered the hardest material.
Bruni's Pink CZ Earrings
Another enormous difference between diamond and CZ is weight. Cubic Zirconia is heavyweight in contrast to diamonds; The CZ will weigh 1.75 times more than a diamond of comparable size. Well another interesting feature is the color of the stones, so if you see the cz ring looks for the color only in rarest of diamonds there would be the lack of color only they may have a tinge of yellow or brown to some degree. But the CZ is mostly entirely colorless. If you look with great attention then you will find many peculiar differences between the shapes of both kinds of jewelry both of these gemstones disperse the light in different modes, this difference is due to the difference in the refractive index of both the stones.

Remember that these both gems are wonderful from the jewelry point of view. However the diamond is costlier but you get this gemstone in variety of shapes and crystal face. So if you love the elegant jewelry then go ahead and choose the gem you like. Now since you all know the features of both the stones you can choose what stone you would like to wear and keep it for you ever. get these seductive stones and stunning jewelry to add glamour to your look and your box of accessories. There are lots of styles and designs available so just find the right one that would suit you. All women get ready to get the best that would go good with everything.

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