A Million Year Old Social Status

Jewelry perse, identifies items of adornment such as bracelets, rings, brooches and earrings. Jewelry can be prepared from any material. It can be prepared from gemstones and metals. And it can be prepared from shells and even plastic! There is not specific reason why jewelry is appreciated for long time but it has been associated with personal decoration and means to show off wealth. It can be praised for its symbols having a meaning or just geometry. It has been derived from the word “jewel” which is Old French “joule”. It is as old as one hindered thousand years. The initial jewelry items were made from natural materials. Natural materials consisted of some bones, shells and animal teeth. It was also made from wood and stone.Prisilla's 4 CT Asscher Cut CZ Engagement RingSomething somewhere has been made to make every part of the body look beautiful. There is a variety of form and designs. It consists from hairpins to earrings and from toe rings to wedding bands. Where high quality products are prepared from precious metals like gold and silver and even platinum, few are made just for art basis. Any such products could be nice modernly created bracelet, ear rings and toe rings. The design and creativity tops it all.

For mass production, there is costume CZ jewelry. The other variations consist of some wire sculpture. Clip on earrings are a good example. Though these earrings can be prepared from plastic, there is metallic stuff available. Jewelry has been linked with the status. In ancient Rome, only certain class of the society could wear earrings and bracelet. In the 19th and early 20th century earrings worn by men was considered effeminate. And now body art and piercing has taken a well accepted place in certain groups of our society. In ancient times, bracelet was worn both by men and women and even had anklets on. Jewelry has seen it all, from religion like Islam to cultural dictates. Centuries have passed and the use has grown manifold. There is not stopping here. As long as humans live on this planet, specially the women, jewelry will be made and used!

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