Celebrity – An Inspiration For Jewelry

We all want to have beautiful & unique jewelry with us that should look trendy, fashionable and attractive enough to make every single girl jealous of it. Jewelry is something that girls cannot live without, whether it is gold jewelry, silver jewelry or diamond or any other gemstone. Every girl wants to be a trend setter or fashionista. For this she even tries to imitate her favorite celebrity. Whatever celebrities wear while walking down the red carpet – needs to make a statement, which their fans are going to take Damn Seriously.

Even the clothes & jewelry worn by the celebrities in a movie can change how people view any design or jewelry. Taking the example of Hollywood movies we can see a lot of diamond & gold jewelry was used. The Hollywood starts like Scarlet Johnson, Pamela Anderson are great fan of this kind jewelry. They wear these jewelries for Oscar wards function s which millions watch. These are the celebrity inspired jewelry, which is a craze among the people. People rushed to get the same piece of design for their weddings or other celebrations. Hollywood inspires the mass for its jewelry & clothings.Twilight movie is the latest ex. Teenagers all over the world are looking for Twilight inspired accessories. Even Wal-Mart is keen on cashing on this opportunity by providing the Twilight inspired merchandise to attract the teens.

Not just movies, even television shows can create this desire as they get popularized among the mass. The television channel TLC is one such channel which shows fashion and jewelry that shows rich and famous wearing these jewelries. When people watch these programs they get inspired by these jewelries and they purchase these celebrity inspired jewelry People demand the same set of jewelry that their favorite characters are wearing in the show. For example, the character ‘sumitra’s’ necklace & bangles or bracelets are much in demand. Thus the celebrity can give a boost to different forms of handicrafts & jewelry if used by them. There are many online stores where we can get this jewelry, one need to be careful when you buy these celebrity inspired jewelry, there are many fake online stores which sells the similar type of jewelry.

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