Know Your Silver Jewelry

There are many kinds of jewelry available today. Earlier there used to be only limited jewelry options but silver is something that is used for making ornaments & jewelry from a very long time. Due to its quality to blend into any kind of shape & size as required and to add shine in every piece of jewelry, silver has great demand in the market. Silver is basically a metal with the highest thermal & electrical conductivity. Most of the silver is a by product of lead, gold, copper & zinc refining. Widely used for making silver jewelry.

When we think or talk about silver, the very first thing that we think is silver jewelry. But silver is a kind of metal, which is used for a variety of things from making ornaments to utensils, mirrors & even in electrical conductors & contacts. It has multiple uses of its own. But here we are talking about silver jewelry. Silver in its pure form is soft – to be used to create a strong & durable jewelry. That is why, it is mixed with other metals to make it bit hard. And when some other metal is mixed with silver, it gives birth to another kind of material called sterling silver, which is as beautiful & shiny as silver itself, and with new characteristics of hardness in it. It is used to make the ornaments like Sterling Silver rings or sterling silver necklaces. Silver is not only a metal which is used to make ornaments & utensils or to be used for the electrical things. It was considered that silver exist with beneficial healing and with the anti-disease metal properties. That is the reason for which in ancient times people used to keep wines, water, etc. in silver vessels & bottles. In 1990 also, people used to keep silver coins into milk so as to protect its freshness. Silver also have a property of inhibiting the growth of fungi & bacteria and that is why it was added in clothes, especially socks, to reduce any kind of fungal infection & bad odor.

Apart from its use of making silver jewelry such as silver bracelets & earrings, it has various other uses. Silver is a very useful & important metal to be found on this planet. But the way this metal is used, it shows that our future generation will not be able to use it for a very long time. For this reason, it should be protected and used with all care & limit.

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