The Ring on Kate Middleton’s Finger

There have been rumours that Prince William and his long time girlfriend Kate Middleton might be engaged, as Kate was seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger during her visit to her hair dresser in London. A British reporter claimed that she hasn’t been to the hair dresser in over a week. In the news, it appears that it is the same ring that Princess Diana wore. The Kate Middleton engagement ring looks stunning with an oval sapphire with 14 diamonds, which is also a set of 18k of white gold.

Recently, Kate Middleton ring has been working for her parent’s mail-order party supply business and has been supporting a charity named The Starlight Children’s Foundation. However, Kate has put herself forward to attend many charity events. In the Telegraph newspaper, it says that Kate's name is already down for certain events, which means she is being involved in many events, with a lot of media attention. She will take a higher profile before the engagement is announced. Once the wedding, Kate will be announced as the Princess and the future Queen. In the news, it was published that Kate has lack of career. Due to this reason, she has been criticized; however, the Royal family has approved Kate.

The promise ring originally belonged to Prince Harry after their mother died in a car crash. Their father let the boys to decide what they wanted; Prince Harry chose the engagement ring and Prince William chose the 18k yellow god Cartier Tank Francaise watch. Now the engagement has been done, everyone is excited about what Kate’s wedding dress will look like. It’s been decided that the wedding is going to be next year sometime in April. Kate Middleton has been getting a lot of attention due to her engagement to Prince William.

Prince Harry gave his mother engagement rings to his brother due to the engagement. It was very graceful of Prince Harry to give Princess Diana’s ring to his brother. Now the engagement has been done, the Royal and Middleton family will be making arrangements for the big day next year in April.

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