Advantages of cubic zirconia jewelry

Elegant in looks and exhibiting exemplary craftsmanship, Cubic zirconia jewelry is the fashion of the day. No matter what occasion it is, you will find each and every piece from bracelets, rings, earrings, Necklaces, nose rings, pendants to ankle bracelets made of CZ. The ability to have different color coatings on it makes it an imitation not only for the diamond but also for other precious gemstones. It is available in white or colorless material and serves as an imitation to the diamond. The brilliance of the cubic zirconia is sometimes more than the diamond itself. It is usually considered that the CZ can only be used as an alternate to the diamond. Let me make it clear that it is not true.

To explore it further, take a look at the different colors in which CZ is available and the gemstones for which these colors can be and are being used as exact replicas. A very famous and well known color of CZ is the pink one and it is also used as the replica of different pink color gemstones available in the market. Blue sapphire is very popular nowadays. The engagement of Prince William and Kate Middleton has made it even popular and it will be getting more and more as the marriage of the couple approaches near and near. The engagement ring of Kate contains a blue sapphire which is surrounded by fourteen diamonds.

The couple is intended to get married in early 2011. cubic zirconia available in blue color and white crystalline color is being used to make many replicas of this ring which has become a hot cake in the market. Either you are a fan of Kate or the late Diana; you will be looking for the same ring to express your love for them. CZ has made it possible to have a similar ring in your fingers at a very affordable price. Another very popular color with the CZ is green and it gives a look of green emerald. A very interesting color associated with CZ is the purple color which gives a look like purple amethyst. CZ has made it possible for everyone to wear diamonds and have all their jewelry desires fulfilled.


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