Cubic Zirconia – the best fashion jewelry

Among all types of imitation jewelry of diamond and other precious gemstones, the best is that of cubic zirconia. They are believed to be the next fashion trend in the jewelry. They have become most popular in recent years and everyone wants to purchase them because they bear very low price tags. Originally Cubic zirconia is a mineral of metal zircon. Not abundant in nature but this beautiful gemstone can be easily synthesized in the laboratories. It takes after diamond and has become the integral part of every woman’s jewelry collection. It is used in almost all pieces of jewelry including rings, earrings, bracelets, Necklaces and pendants. Originally discovered in 1892, this gemstone could not become commercially profitable because its occurrence in nature is very rare.

The most important part in making it available for all and sundry was played by some German and Soviet scientist who succeeded in making its crystals in the laboratory. This is a colorless compound but jewelers are using it in different colors by applying artificial dies and electroplating. It is crystalline and flawless material and most of the jewelers call it a D grade diamond as far as its color, glare and shine is concerned. The ability to disperse the light it shines brilliantly and no body can recognize it until the wearer tells himself about its material. It is harder than many other materials which are being used as replicas of diamond. Another quality of this material is that it has more weight as compared to diamond. To be precise, it is 0.65 times heavier than the diamond.

It is the artistic production and the innovative creations of the jewelers that they have come out with stunning designs of jewelry in this material. Form this material heart rings, celebrity engagement rings, promise rings, eternity rings and many more are being reproduced by the artistic hands of the jewelers. Although it is an imitation of the diamond yet its charm is not less than the diamond. You can easily afford a diamond ring or a diamond necklace which is made up of zirconia. Thanks to nature for creating such an amazing gemstone which has given opportunity to fulfill the dreams of everyone who wants to wear diamond jewelry.

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