The Sequel of Engagement Ring: Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

Ever since Romans first introduced the concept of engagement rings on the auspicious occasion of engagement, there has been no stop to its beauty. The modern world has mastered the art with sincerity. These rings come in multitude of designs and shaped each having a unique precious jewel or a gem, all signifying beauty in true terms.

Even though the concept of these rings flourishes more in the royal families but beauty demands no boundaries. It is cherished everywhere. These rings signify style as well for both men and women. While thinking of a women and beauty, one may say that they are synonymous. Though engagement ring has its worth for men, but women are more passionate about it.

The engagement of Prince Williams of Wales and Kate Middleton have inspired the presence of eternity rings. The reason for such an importance finds root in the fact that Kate Middleton; the fiancée of Prince Williams was honored with the same engagement ring of Late Princess Dianna. Lady Dianna was cherished for her beauty and so is the young lady from Berkshire. The couple met at University of St. Andrews and finally got engaged on October 2010.

Kate Middleton ring has been the headline of news recently. This ring has been the focus of Britain throughout the process of engagement. The 18 carat blue sapphire and a diamond ring were offered to Kate Middleton when Prince Williams proposed her during a trip to Kenya. This lavish and stylish engagement ring is a symbol of love and harmony.
Kate Middleton engagement ring is the most valuable gift that the prince can give to his girlfriend. The interesting thing about Kate Middleton engagement ring is that this is the sequel of the old tradition of British where the Welsh gold is preferred for Royal Brides. The amount of silver is minute in the gem. This is the custom of Queen Mother that was started in 1923 and has followed generations.
The aesthetic beauty and the effort that the ring maker puts into the ring speak for itself. Thus by any perspective, the engagement ring is indeed a symbol of love.

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