Sterling Silver Jewelry – Features of bracelets, necklaces and rings

People always adorn themselves with jewelry, pearls and cosmetics to create a gorgeous appearance. The use of jewelry can be seen almost in all cultures on the globe. Jewelry of very precious metals and gemstones is beyond the reach of majority of the people. But thanks to silver jewelry! Almost all elegant designs and styles are readily available for almost every skin color and fashion.

Pure silver is soft and malleable, thus not suitable for robust jewelry. Sterling silver, an alloy of silver with 7.5 percent copper, is most widely used in jewelry industry for crafting dazzling items such as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Young men and women of all ages wear bracelets. Silver bracelets have always been a popular choice. Limitless variety of styles and sizes are available like bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, link bracelets and chain bracelets. Each style has its own class of customer: young girls, old women, movie stars and celebrities. To match and magnify your personality, you have the freedom to choose best fit for your outfit. The prices are dependent upon delicacy, quality, workmanship and materials. For presenting as gifts, different designs and styles have been associated with different occasions and ceremonies. Some symbols of charms bracelets are frequently gifted to friends as they are considered to bring good fortune and prosperity. A large number of varieties of silver bracelets are embedded with crystals, stones and synthetic gemstones.

A glittering sterling silver necklaces is one of the best gifts to a woman because it inspires people. Its designs include simple chains, necklaces embroidered with stones and those combined with graceful pendants. You can separately select the chain and pendant to combine the necklace as per your own taste. The most important factor is selection of the length with respect to body height and dress, both influence your personality. The necklace must essentially complement your style, look and beauty. Silver necklaces are available for each occasion including corporate life, business environment, daily life, dinner party, birthday party and marriage ceremony. Countless brands and models are available from numerous shops and online stores. You can customize and personalize the pendant with special short message, name, date or symbol.

Sterling silver rings captivate the audience. You can obtain rings for different fingers and for different occasions like wedding, engagement, friendship and parties. You can have from simple bands to fully stylish designs, embroidered with stones and pearls. There are various online facilities for creating personalized rings, those engraved with personal names, love messages or important dates.

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