Engagement rings- The symbol of love

Engagement rings indicate the change in status of a woman or a man. In some countries, it is worn by women only but in others both men and women wear. In other words accepting the marriage proposal of a man by a woman is shown by wearing that particular ring. Officially engagement rings are worn to each other by both man and woman in party infront of gathering to show the agreement of both the parties. Diamond rings are mostly common for the women usually. The introduction of engagement ring dates back to 1215 by Pope Innocent III of Fourth Lateral Council. He brought in a period which is from engagement till marriage for understanding each other or making things work out after marriage and introduced the engagement ring to show the change in their status. Since then this was accepted by several societies in the world.
Another ring that bounds a couple in a relation is promise ring. It is a pre engagement ring, exchanged by sweethearts to make a commitment of being faithful to each other. It is usually exchanged by couples who are very young for marriage. This was a sweet way to communicate and express love for each other. Many couples that are poor which cannot afford a ceremony for engagement also swap promise ring to show their relation and are not ready to marry.
Today people present sterling silver ring as a gift for their partner to show their love and affection towards them. It is also called the betrothal gift, which means that the two are committed and are in a relation officially. Gifts indicate the sign of a deep love between the couple and make a relation more strong and understanding. There are so many things that a man can gift their woman; a popular example is necklaces. Necklaces can be an elegant gift for the women, because women are more conscious about their beauty, and necklaces add zest to the overall appearance. For men it is a bit difficult to select the best pendant but, if he knows about likes and dislikes of his lady then there is no big deal.

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