Rings with different names represent one sign

Rings are actually a band used to express someone’s feeling towards another and showing the world that they are in a relation or bond of love which can never end. The round shape of the ring itself shows its meaning behind that its round and there no end. There are different rings which are exchanged on different occasions but indicates only one sign; sing of love and affection to each other. When two people are in love and want to spend the rest of life together but they are not ready yet to marry they exchange eternity rings and promise each other that they will always be faithful to each other. When someone accepts a sterling silver jewelry from his or her loved one, he or she actually promises something and that promise can be anything. There is another ring called eternity ring; eternity ring portrays love, affection, care and warmth. It is a band like with different stone work on them. Usually this ring is worn by women, which symbolize an undying love. Many husbands present an eternity ring to his wife on anniversary or any other special occasion; expressing a never ending love and devotion.
We also have an engagement ring that is to declare a couple’s relation officially all around the world. Everyone woman wishes to experience the engagement period, which is more than a commitment. Actually wearing an engagement ring means an open acceptance of proposal from someone who loves you. The best part about an engagement ring is that your relationship will be approved and there will be no space for doubt on your partner’s intentions because, this ring proves the real love to the world. This ring has a special significance for someone and speaks your devotion to your relationship.
Apparently rings are a piece of jewelry for some people which wear as fashion to look chic classy and stylish. But the ring that is presented by someone to bind you in a relation means much more important for a couple. Any ring; whether it is a promise, engagement or eternity ring, they have one but a particular emotion behind them.

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