BlackBerry Torch Phone is a Perfect Cell Phone to Choose

BlackBerry Torch is a 2010 model whose speculation began around April of 2010 when Research In Motion Inc CEO, Mike Lazaridis unveiled the newest operating system which was the BlackBerry operating system 6. The BlackBerry Torch 9800 which was eventually the first BlackBerry to be officially named ‘Torch’ by Research In Motion (RIM) is assumed to have acquired the name from Torch Mobile, a company that Research In Motion purchased back in 2009. BlackBerry Torch phones in this case made their debut to the market back in August 12, 2010 when they were exclusively made available on AT&T.

Unlike when the BlackBerry Curve phones were introduced in the market back in 2007 by Research In Motion with 2mp cameras which could take clear high quality pictures but not help in recording videos, the BlackBerry Torch phone has been found as a perfect marriage of communication and entertainment. This phrase can be supported by the features that have been built in for users of the Torch phones. These phones combine the common BlackBerry physical QWERTY keyboard with a sliding multi-touch screen with another on screen keyboard.

Although later model improvements of the Torch do run BlackBerry OS 7 like the BlackBerry Torch 9810, the 9800 runs operating system 6 which culminated to possible negative and positive reviews. One of the demerits being the fact that it could be a bit sluggish although compared to earlier models like the BlackBerry Bold 9700, which also runs on the same operating system 6, the Torch boot time was quicker. The general reason that makes this phone be noted as perfect both in communication and entertainment is because of the stunning display, impressive music and high resolution video records and playbacks as well as the power. You can stay on a call for up to 6.5 hrs without running out of power and without plugging your phone into a direct power source.

The available on board memory for the Torch 9800 is 512 MB, but with the 9810, it was updated to 8GB. Both phones have expandable memory support for micro SD cards for up to 32 GB. With this kind of recording space, there are sureties that not at any time will the user run out of space, therefore recording as many videos in high quality as he or she wishes and downloading the perfect music videos from the internet. Because of the other added advantages of this phone, the web kit layout engine enables the phone to render web pages faster. The display of this phone has been credited as being bigger and sharper providing ease when sending texts and messaging, as they are more legible.

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