Save Money on Class Rings with Sterling Silver

Class rings are expensive. That pretty much goes without saying. But, in tough times it’s not always easy to afford several hundred dollars for your kid’s class ring. And if you have more than one kid in school – well, you can forget about it. A great way to save money is to substitute white gold or another material for sterling silver.

White gold
Class rings come in a variety of materials. Usually, though, the pamphlets your kid will bring home from school outline several different super expensive versions of the newest class ring styles – all of which feature real stones and more precious metals. White gold is probably the most popular of this as regular gold seems to be going a little out of style for the youth.

Sterling silver instead
White gold will cost you several hundred dollars, though. You can save at least half of this by opting for sterling silver instead. It is pretty much known by everyone that sterling silver jewelry is much cheaper than white gold, but looks exactly the same to the naked eye. Even laid next to each other, the two really look very similar to most people.

Because white gold isn’t offered in the catalogs that your kid will bring home, you may have to take them to a different jewelry location in order to purchase a sterling silver ring. This is not necessarily a problem though, because jewelers may offer more selections for designs than you may even encounter with the catalog. Your kid can possibly have a great design that they wouldn’t have seen before with just the catalog.

In addition to being cheaper and having more variety, with a jeweler, their ring will probably come in a lot faster as well. They won’t have to wait about six weeks as often happens with class ring companies through schools because they have so many rings to produce all at once. Your kid will be able to sport their design or give it to their significant other to wear as kids often do before anyone else even has theirs.

Nobody will be able to tell, and you will be able to save a lot of money. That way, your kid will have the great class ring that he or she wants, and you won’t have to deny them the exact style they prefer. Sterling silver rings are a great alternative to regular white gold class rings.

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