The BlackBerry 9000 Has a Name - the BlackBerry BOLD?!

The BlackBerry Bold is a series of BlackBerry phones that starts from the Bold 9000. Ideally, this was the first Bold of the 9000 series and from its success; it provided an advantage towards understanding the ultimate difference between the BlackBerry Curve and the Bold series. There are several features that came with this brand including the BlackBerry operating system 6 which was an advantage towards understanding the importance of upgraded software. This was the phone that provided proof on the facts that the newer the software, the faster was the loading power. The fact that controls this matter is based on the issuance of power and platform. This series of BlackBerry was the one that came with the considerations that led to the production of the recent models of the BlackBerry Bold phones.

The BlackBerry Bold 9000 is one of the best-looking phones that Research In Motion Inc has actually put out in the market. There were certain rumors that the chrome look was in particular borrowed from a different model, either way, it appears as if this phone may be larger than the Curve but still feels better on the users hands. The phone was said to be estimated to longer time in terms of durability compared to the Curve. The faux-leather backing shows that RIM came up with a new feel in relation to class and what people were initially used to owning.

The Bold 9000 has whatever connections for which you as the user would be looking. Whether you were looking for 3G, GPS and/or Wi-Fi, you will seemingly have got it. Although there were reviews that the phone had some glitches which were related to bad 3G difficulties, it was later found out the 3G capabilities worked out just fine. The BlackBerry maps that incorporate the GPS tracker also seem to work quite well. Don’t wonder why this phone finally got the name Bold because the whole idea was centered to the fact that there were some improvements that Research In Motion decided to undertake on this model.

The Battery life on this phone was seen as a champion because even with all the 3G browsing and emailing, at first the phone was found to endure eight good hours a day without suffering from any relapses or unnecessary shutdowns. The internet on the other hand was much better because of the operating system and the increased processor speed.

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