Differences between point and shoot camera and digital SLR camera

You might be getting inadequate knowledge on both accessories of cameras and cameras. So you need to read this before turning into a professional photographer. When I received an order of 20D Canon in 2005, my pictures became better compared to when I was still using the camera of point and shoot. I was used to auto setting everything to simplify my operations.

The few key differences on digital SLR are highlighted in this article although many differences exist between the two cameras:

• Quality of image: The images of point and shoot camera are of lower quality as compared to the images of digital SLR. Having used Canon SD870, SD400 of Canon Power Shot and Sony p, one can come to a conclusion that the three provide good pictures although not always. Comparing the images taken from Canon 20D and digital SLR a big difference is noted as images of high quality are produced by the camera of digital SLR. Pro level cameras produce the best quality of pictures.

• Performance and responsiveness: The camera of point and shoot is slow and not responsive. After the press of the shutter, the images are taken after a lot of time has gone by. This can make one lose important moments as he or she is taking photographs especially in candid shots. The shutters lag of current digital SLR are above one tenth of a second hence operate quickly. During the events of sports, digital SLR becomes a necessity. In one second, point and shoot cameras record at most two images whereas Canon 1D records about ten images.

• Lens: Point and shoot camera cannot shoot at focal length, which is considered to be varied since the camera has one lens. A point and shoot camera is known to reach 10x zoom. Current brands of digital SLR camera have large selections of lenses. Based on your needs you can get the brand of camera you want.

• Use of camera: Digital SLR is known to have a menu setting which is complex. This has scared many camera novices from using the camera. However, Canon SD 400 is simple to be used even by the elderly; by button click, the image is taken. The upper hand is taken by point and shoot camera due to its simplicity in use.

Weight of the camera: Sony TX camera which is a brand of point and shoot camera is easily carried around since it can fit in your small pocket. However, digital SLR weighs about 30-40 lbs making one to wear out fast especially when walking a long distances

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