Celebrity Engagement Rings: Bring It On!

For the general public, celebrities are larger than life. Many celebrities try to conform to this image. Every little thing they do is of public interest. So, when they do have some big event in their lives, like getting engaged, it seems like the whole world wants to know all the details. When news breaks out about celebrity engagements, most people would often want to see pictures of celebrity engagement rings.

What do the biggest celebrities favor when it comes to engagement rings?

When talking about jewelry in general and engagement rings in particular, “the bigger and costlier the better” seems to be the prevailing mindset among celebrities. Never mind if some engagements don't even materialize into an actual wedding. Or if it does, some marriages don't last very long at all.

Size definitely matters to celebrity couples. Imagine Elizabeth Taylor’s stunning 30-carat diamond ring when she got engaged to Michael Todd. That was later trumped by the 33-carat ring from Richard Burton. Having married many times, she had quite a collection of the biggest celebrity engagement rings ever. Then there's the 24-carat white diamond ring given to Paris Hilton by her namesake, shipping heir Paris Latsis. That one had an estimated price of $4.7 million. While reality star Kim Kardashian had an impressive 20.5 carat diamond ring from her engagement to Kris Humphries, the question of who actually bought the ring with a whopping $2 million price tag is still the subject of much speculation. When it comes to price though, few could probably beat the $5 million ring that Jay-Z gave Beyonce. Maybe she gave him tips on how to put a ring on it?

A diamond sparkler is an obvious choice for an engagement ring, and this is not just for celebrities. Aren't diamonds a girl's best friend? Fancy colored diamond rings are getting to be a favorite. Singer Carrie Underwood has a pretty yellow diamond ring from husband Mike Fisher. Blake Lively's ring from Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful light pink oval diamond. Mariah Carey also got a pink diamond ring from Nick Cannon. As for the setting, gold and platinum bands are the most popular.

Top celebrity engagement rings are custom-designed by the jewelers of the rich and famous. Harry Winston and Neil Lane are two names that often crop up on this subject. Brad Pitt is said to have designed the ring he gave to Angelina Jolie. The same is true for the engagement ring that adorned the hand of first wife Jennifer Aniston. Coincidentally, both women got engaged again this year.

What about the royal celebrities? They have the advantage of having the opportunity to dip into the crown jewels. The sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds set in white gold that Prince William gave Kate Middleton was his mother's, Princess Diana. That gorgeous ring was bought for her by Prince Charles in 1981.

Much as they claim otherwise, celebrities are not regular people. They usually think big and over-the-top. For them, money is no object when it comes to having the most unique and beautiful engagement ring. For regular people, perhaps celebrity engagement ring replicas will do.

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