Celebrity Engagement Rings, Prices and Trends

As Beyonce’s song lyrics goes “Put a ring on it.” Celebrities have a way of making their engagement known by flashing their pricey and trendy celebrity engagement rings. Get the scoop on some of the trendiest styles and the most expensive engagement rings which have donned the slender fingers of the beautiful ladies.

Putting a Ring on it with Style

Big rocks which surely turn heads and catch eyes are usually what celebrity engagement rings are made of. Made of precious stones like crystal clear diamonds, sapphires, yellow diamonds, or even rare Ashoka-cut diamonds like that of Reese Witherspoon’s are what adorn these beautiful engagement rings.

Usually, diamonds are chosen for their timeless beauty. However, there are exceptions. Prince William gave his Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, the beautiful 18-carat oval sapphire set on white gold. The royal blue stone is far from being a diamond but is as elegant and beautiful as well.

While most rings have thin and delicate metal bands made of gold, silver, titanium, or platinum, others go bold with their style. Josh Duhammel gave Fergie a wide gold band with a 4-carat diamond in the center.

Other stones used are emeralds like Halle Berry’s or Jessica Simpson’s 5-carat ruby from Eric Johnson. Cuts are usually oval, emerald, emerald, or simple circular cuts for elegance and sophistication. A more unique style is Rebecca Romijn dangling yellow diamond from her husband Jerry O'Connell. In Romijn’s own words "There's something sexy about a diamond dangling from your finger."

The Most Expensive Celebrity Engagement Rings

Of course, engagement rings of the stars don’t come cheap. Read on for 5 of the most expensive engagement rings.

·         Mariah Carey’s 17-carat blossoming pink diamond from Nick Cannon. She got the ring back in 2008. The ring is said to be priced at $2.5 million.
·         Timeless and as beautiful as its owner, a 33.19-carat diamond from Richard Burton was given to the lovely Elizabeth Taylor. Although the ring has been put up for auction, the estimated price is said to range from $2.3-2.5 million.
·         Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got indeed. Jennifer Lopez owns the third most expensive celebrity engagement ring priced at $2.5 million. The ring is from Ben Affleck when they were still together in 2002.
·         With 40.42 carats, Jacqueline Kennedy’s $2.6 millionmarquise Harry Winston diamond makes it to the list.
·         Alas! The most expensive is owned by none other than Beyonce herself. Jay-Z really did put a $5 million ring on his lady love.

Styles and prices differ but celebrity engagement rings are really worth the buzz and glamour.

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