CZ Rings: Are They As Good As Diamond?

People choose diamond rings over other jewelries mainly because of their shiny look. But not everybody is capable of buying one of those costly little rings and money does not burn a hole in everyone’s pocket these days. What if you get an alternative to diamond rings with all the shiny, good designs but at a much cheaper price? It’s CZ rings we are talking about. You are going to be overwhelmed at the price of CZ rings. Lately, CZ rings have become the number one choice for many on an occasion such as weddings and engagements. Moreover, the price tags these rings carry may be as low as just $35 and as high as a thousand dollars. No matter what your budget is, you will surely find your perfect CZ ring in any kind of shape, size, color and metal.

Some Things to Understand
You should know about carat and color of CZs. Carat, color, clarity and cut are what determine the quality of cubic zirconia. And the final quality of the CZ stone is determined by the combination of the grades in these 4 categories. You should know that CZ stones and other synthetic stones weigh more than a genuine diamond. Fancies (the degree of color) in CZ stones may not be as high as in diamonds. Fortunately, CZ rings these days come in a variety of colors, from light yellow to radiant red.

Choosing CZ Over Diamond
The key reason why men and women like CZ rings is that CZs are much less expensive than diamonds. Even if you could afford a diamond ring, you would not bear the grief of losing it (being stolen for example). Replacing it could be very expensive. However, CZ rings might catch the attention of thieves just like diamonds do, but these are a lot cheaper to replace. CZ rings are very similar to real diamond rings. Because of their clarity and accurate faceting, CZ rings look notoriously beautiful on your fingers. Whether you are on a formal wedding or hanging out with friends at the local bar, CZ rings go with every type of dress-up.

Get Them Online
Yes. When you are shopping CZ rings from online stores, you are actually opening up to stores across the globe rather than your local mall. As a result, you get the extra advantage of a real price competition, and at the same time you have vast choices to make.

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