Find Out The Truth About Stud Earrings

When it comes to wearing jewelry there are some people who think the more they spend the better it is.  They like to wear jewelry that is big and shiny.  They choose earrings that are as big as their head at times.  While some people may enjoy this look, they do not realize that it often takes away from their own natural beauty.  People are paying attention to the jewelry they see instead of looking at the person that is wearing it.  It is often better to wear a little less and to accentuate the natural features of your body.  This will provide people with a sense of your real beauty and is something to remember.

When it comes to earrings, instead of wearing those large loop earrings, consider turning to stud earrings. These types of earnings are much smaller and are designed to show off the facial beauty of the wearer.  Some people have misconceptions about these types of earrings and do not consider wearing them because of these wrong ideas.

Stud type earrings are boring?
Some people think that a stud earring is not very interesting.  They think the size of the earring limits the creativity that designers can show.  They have not looked at all of the earrings that are available. You can get a stud earring that contains a precious gemstone such as a diamond or sapphire. Any piece of jewelry with these stones in it will look great. If you want a less expensive version consider getting an earring with a cubic zirconium stone.  These stones look like the more expensive ones, but come at a fraction of the cost.

Many stud type earrings also offer designs. Flowers or other decorative designs can create look that will appeal to many people.  The only real limit in stud type earrings is the imagination of the designer and the person who is wearing them.

Your ears have to be pierced when you wear them?
It is true that many stud type earrings are made for pierced ears.  But it is also true that many of the other types of earrings are also made for pierced ears.  Earrings for pierced ears have a larger audience because many men and women have had their ears pierced.  You can also find stud type earrings that come as clip ons.  The technology for attaching them to the ears continues to improve and it is not always easy to tell when they are clip ons and when they are not.  Anyone can get stud type earrings no matter they have their ears pierced or not.

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